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Solutions to Common Issues that Step Families Face in the First 5 Years of Blending

In our webinar we discuss the following 6 mistakes stepparents make & how to avoid them...

- Mistake #1: Assuming they know their role

- Mistake #2: Starting to discipline too quickly

- Mistake #3: Becoming too involved in parenting the kids & shutting their partners out

- Mistake #4: Taking personally what their Step Kids say

- Mistake #5: Not setting boundaries in their relationship

- Mistake #6: Not letting kids decide what to call their stepparents

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Hi, I'm Sara!

I am a coach to step-parents who are working to increase communication in their families, build better relationships with their stepchildren, and decrease behavioral problems in stepchildren.

If you're a step-parent who is stressed out, frustrated, sad, burned out, and you're not sure what to do or what your next step is...

I can help you! 


As a stepmom of 12 years I have personal experience with step-parenting AND experience coaching and mentoring step-parents who are trying to become happier in their families. 

I would feel so very honored to help you step into your power, and experience more peace and happiness in your life!

We Can Help You in Finally Achieving The

Happiness & Harmony in Your Home That You Desire!

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"If you are a step-mom or know a step-mom, have them get in touch with my friend Sara Susov. She has been a gift from God at times in my step-parenting life! We all know that "mommin' ain't easy", and I LOVE my bonus kids and hubby, but step-mommin ain't easy either!

It's so nice to have someone who "gets it", who is non-judgmental, and who genuinely cares, to talk to. She really hears you and is an expert at helping you come up with solutions to make your life better so you can be a happier spouse, a more successful step-parent, and to just enjoy your life more on every level. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is an extremely capable and talented step-parent coach. Thank you Sara for sharing your gifts with the world and for making a difference in mine.

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I think that therapy/coaching/ counseling is always a good idea to help get through the struggles of life! Great counselors are trained to listen and then offer tools to help you cope, work through your struggles, and see different perspectives.

Sara not only does this effectively... She also has the added bonus of empathy and understanding, and validation, being a stepmom herself! She “gets it” because she lives it. She’s helped me tremendously in navigating my role as a stepmom to 4 kids.



I have participated in several of Sara's Facebook lives and a discussion regarding blending families, step-parenting, & self-care.

Sara's message is a breath of fresh air; she is real in her presentation; she presents with knowledge and her own priceless experience, and she can empathize with just about any experience. I have referred several friends to her because I know that Sara is level headed, will not bait or support contentious behavior, but rather will encourage all of her clients to seek the most effective and appropriate skills and techniques to help to support positive family relationships.

Thank you Sara. There have been many times that in stepping, I have thought back to an insight, experience, etc. that Sara shared, and chosen a better route for my family.



Sara is the best! She is so passionate about helping other women who are currently going through struggles that she has already been through herself! She makes navigating these new waters so much easier and gives some great out of the box perspective on struggles step-parents are going through. 

I highly recommend working with her! 


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